Senna in Theatreland

In which Senna lives for a year in London and spends all her money on theatre.

Reviews, memories, tips on getting cheap tix, performer and production squee.

Big list of shows seen

Shows I’ve seen → From Here to Eternity, Shaftesbury Theatre, Nov 2013.

The Good: Siubhan Harrison as Lurene; Darius Campbell as Warden. Good use of stage and sets. Some good songs.

The Bad: Some lazy songwriting (Sir Tim, I am disappointed in you). The main character (Prewitt) was SUPER irritating.

The Ugly: It would be much easier to have good female parts in musicals if we didn’t insist on adapting things from an era where men got all the good stories in fiction.

I’d pay: £20, safe in the knowledge that the Grand Circle was likely to be closed and I’d get moved down to better seats. Also, you can see much better shows for £20 if you’re clever.